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Williams & Lipton Company is pleased to share these observations from our more than 35 years serving the auction and appraisal needs of industrial equipment and machinery businesses.

Three questions every business owner should ask an auction provider.

Auction providers can vary greatly in terms of experience, the industries they serve and effectiveness. A potential auction provider’s answers to these three questions can help ensure you are choosing the right partner:

1. How much experience do you have conducting auctions in my industry?
The success of any auction depends on the ability of your auction house to draw buyers interested in the type of property or assets you are selling.

2. Do you make a cash offer to back up your proposal?
If your auction provider isn’t willing to back up your auction with a cash offer, it could indicate a lack of experience in your industry or a lack of confidence in the results they can provide.

3. Will you provide references?
A good auction provider should have a loyal base of clients and buyers who will attest to the quality of the auction and the results.


Auction Options

Whether you are merging facilities and have excess equipment or you are trying to generate cash flow quickly, Williams & Lipton Company can sell some or all of your facilities assets, tailoring an auction that makes sense for you, including solutions like these:

• Outright Cash Purchase
• Guaranteed Sale
• Commission Sale
• Buyers’ Premium Sale
• Upfront Money Sale with Owner Participation
• On-site/Online Sale
• Online Only Sale
• Private Sale