Hadley Township is located in the southwest corner of Lapeer County and lies at the base of the Hadley Hills. Hadley is noted for it’s beautiful rolling pastures of farm land and peaceful country atmosphere. A small community that is home to over 4500 residents holds tightly to its heritage of natural settings and quiet living. Hadley is located within close proximity to I-69, M-24, and M-15, making it easy to access surrounding communities and work.

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  • Recycling

    Drop-Off Recycling Paper recycling is now available at the Hadley Township Offices! Drop Off Recycling at the Habitat for Humanity Restore is starting up again. If you don’t have one…

  • Special Meeting of the Planning Commission

    A special meeting of the planning commission will be held Jan5, 2023.

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: HTFD Lowers ISO Rating

    HTFD Lowers ISO Rating

    The Hadley Township Fire Department, along with township officials, have been working diligently to lower our township’s ISO rating.  This rating is an indicator of the effectiveness of a community’s fire suppression…