Ice Cream Truck Rentals

Ice Cream Truck

We Bring the Fun to You

We do the work, while you enjoy the party! What could be easier, and more enjoyable, than renting an ice cream truck for your event? A Captain Kool trained driver will drive to your event, pass out the frozen goodies you have choosen, and return the truck after the event is done. You can choose from a wide range of assorted ice creams.

Want more options? No problem. We can inventory a fully loaded truck and bring it to your location. You pay the wholesale counter price for all items passed out to your event guests. That way every one gets the delicious bars and cups they love.

Truck Rental event procedure policy:

Only CK licensed and insured route drivers can drive Event Trucks due to insurance changes. Event coordinators may drive along and pass out ice creams. CK drivers are paid $30.00 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. A driver helper gets paid $15.00/hr. Minimum order for Ice Cream is $200.00 at wholesale counter prices. Daily Truck rental charge is $150.00. Call 755-4888 7 days a week for Truck Rental details.

Ice Cream trucks are reserved at least 1 week in advance for all day truck events. You may request a special drive-by event for any Date & Time, and just pay the driver the normal truck price with at least a 2 day notice. We service 20 routes in the Macomb and Oakland Metro Detroit areas.

Truck reservation advanced deposit is $100.00 and the truck rental fee is $150.00 for the day. All trucks have cold plate all day freezers so Dry Ice is not required.

We furnish Ice Cream signs showing your choices with special pricing and spoons for frozen cup items. Our drivers will have your event truck at the event site on time and will have the truck returned to our lot lot by 10PM each day of the ice cream social event. Multi-day event coordinator can purchase additional Ice Creams before leaving our lot.

All orders for Truck event Ice Cream are paid at time of pickup unless prior approval from CK Corp. management for a billing account. Company checks, credit cards and cash are acceptable payment methods.